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Dart manipulation in a pocket seam without a shoulder strap seam (tailored jacket base)

2,00 €

From the front of a tailored jacket, it is possible to shift a dart into the seam of a pocket, specifically for the modified tailored jacket, already explained in the dp studio method that has no shoulder strap seams. This technical file with its written explanations and detailed sketches shows you each step to follow to carry out dart manipulation with rigor and precision for a top-of-the-range result.
The shoulder dart of this jacket will be shifted into a horizontal seam below the waist, allowing the creation of a pocket to hide the seam.
This operation is useful when the shoulder dart needs to be suppressed from its position but its value must be maintained (depending on the style aimed at). When carried out, the side front panel, which is assembled with the front, changes its original sense of direction and is no longer on grain (straight grain).
This new base can be the starting point for many different creations.
For all kinds of transformation to your model, you can also use:
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