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Dropped-shoulder sleeve (coat)

3,00 €

Depending on the model undertaken, the low sleeve might require certain transformations. This technical file demonstrates how to make a low sleeve for a coat that has been created from the bodice base pattern and transformed. Its written instructions and detailed sketches will make for a full understanding of the method to follow step by step. This long sleeve ends at the bottom with an added cuff and its construction starts from the coat neckline. The volume of this sleeve is quite classical and full enough not to require a vent or pleats for the hand to pass through at the sleeve end. The hem of the sleeve is shaped to align with the under sleeve seam and there is no cuff at the sleeve end. Compiled with care and rigor, this file will facilitate the assembly process.
Using this base, other transformations are possible.
Use the following file to complete this one:
The technical file of the low-sleeve coat.

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