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Sleeve for the knitwear base with 20% stretch

3,00 €

Depending on the piece undertaken, it is sometimes necessary to construct a knitwear sleeve for a question of comfort with 20% stretch content. To obtain this result, simply follow the knitwear sleeve base pattern and use a fabric that has 20% stretch content. To help you create the volume of your knitwear sleeve in function with the specific fabric you have chosen, we have put together this technical file with clear written instructions and detailed sketches for a full understanding and top-of-the-range result. Fabric elasticity very often requires checking, depending on the style aimed at in the model you are making.
Using this base, other transformations are possible.
Use the following outlines to finalize your piece:
The technical file of the knitwear base pattern with 20% stretch
The technical file of the knitwear collar base pattern with 20% stretch.

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