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Simplified blouse sleeve with straight sleeve end

3,00 €

To accompany out clients as best as possible in their various creations, we have put together a whole series of technical files that in no way substitute our patterns but bring supplementary assistance and advice. They are composed of precise written explanations and detailed technical sketches for a better understanding of the model being made.
From the armhole of the classical blouse, it is possible to make a classical blouse sleeve, simplified by a straight hem (long, set-in sleeve ending in an added cuff). The volume of the sleeve-end is rather classical with two small knife pleats at the side of the vent allowing the hand to pass through. The hem of this sleeve is simplified for an easier assembly of the cuff. The base pattern cuff is therefore constructed straight (without any shaping).
Thanks to this technical file, you can make a classical blouse sleeve without any difficulty, simplified by a straight hem. You can also modify and transform this base.
It is possible to use this file in association with:
The technical file of the classical blouse base pattern
The technical files of blouse sleeves (with collar stand, closed, open…).

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