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Sleeve for the knitwear base with 20% stretch

Size : From 8 to 20
20,00 €

Using this base pattern for the knitwear sleeve with 20% stretch will help you understand how to understand and control the elasticity of the knit fabric you are working with. This must always be analyzed when making a model, as the stretch content will determine how much or how little volume needs to be created for the piece undertaken. The outline is available from size 8 to 20 (UK sizes).
Transforming a base pattern is easier without seam allowances and this is why they are not indicated on this outline. You will be free to choose all the elements needed for finishing your piece once the base has been transformed in the style and fabric of your desires.
If you use this base pattern without transforming it or changing the predefined size of your choice, you can also work with the following outlines:
The knitwear base pattern with 20% stretch
The knitwear collar base pattern with 20% stretch.

The dp studio method will bring you a top-of-the-range result for all your women’s clothing models.

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