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Dropped-shoulder sleeve (bomber jacket)

Size : From 8 to 20
20,00 €

Construct a comfortable sleeve perfectly adapted to a relaxed jacket or bomber using this pattern for the low sleeve. It can be used as the outline is presented or transformed according to your desires, and is available from size 8 to 20 (UK sizes).
The volume at the bottom of the sleeve is fairly classical with two knife pleats positioned on the side of the slit created for passing the hand through. The cuff is constructed straight (without any shaping). To simplify the transformation process, the pattern does not include the seam allowances and you are free to choose the elements necessary for finishing the piece (tab, buttoning…) depending on the style aimed at and the fabric chosen.
Without changing the predefined size of your choice, you can use this pattern with the following outline:
The bomber jacket (low sleeve).

Discover dp studio’s know-how and attention to detail through this pattern and obtain a top-of-the-range result.

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