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Straight and shaped waistbands

2,00 €

Often indispensable in the garment making process, we propose a detailed method in this technical file, demonstrating how to make straight and shaped waistbands. Our aim is to provide you with a precise and quality tool for facilitating your understanding of the piece being undertaken, via our clear instructions and accompanying sketches.
Using the skirt base pattern (or base of your choice) as a starting point, you can construct a straight or shaped waistband. When the skirt base you have chosen reaches the waist, it is generally advisable to apply a straight waistband. Inversely, when the skirt’s waist is low, it is better to make a shaped waistband to follow the shape of the body more accurately.
Using this new base, many transformations are possible.
Use this construction in parallel with the following:
The technical files of skirts and trousers that arrive at the waist, for the straight waistband
The technical file of the skirt base pattern (two front darts and two back darts) with a lowered waist for the shaped waistband.

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