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Overlapping hood for double-breasted garments

Size : From 8 to 20
4,00 €

When you want to make a hood for a garment that closes by crossing over (double-breasted style), this pattern is ideal. You must make sure the half-overlap width corresponds to that of the garment. It is available in all sizes from 8 to 20 (UK sizes) to leave you the choice in terms of how much volume you want to create for the hood.
As this base can be transformed according to your creative ideas, this pattern does not indicate the seam allowances. You will be free to choose the elements needed for finishing your model (lining, facing…) once the base has been modified according to the style you are aiming at and the fabric used.
When you use this base without transforming it and changing the predefined size, you can also work with the following patterns:
The bodice base pattern
The short sleeve base pattern.

Let yourself be inspired and guided by the rigor and creativity of the dp studio method.

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Overlapping hood for double-breasted garments

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