General Terms and Conditions of Business and Shipping


Unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, these general terms and conditions of business regulate the sale of the entire product selection presented by the SAS dp studio in its online boutique and are applicable worldwide, for an exclusively individual usage. 

All the products displayed in this boutique are the exclusive property of the SAS dp studio, represented by Mr. Dominique PELLEN, who grants each of his Customers a strictly personal use thereof, according to the conditions defined below.

In the present framework, the words and expressions listed below will take on the following meaning:
Products: designates all the goods and services sold by the SAS dp studio.
Order: designates the sales contract concluded between the SAS dp studio and its online boutique customer.
Customers: people or companies that have placed a product order on the online boutique.

Article 1, acceptance of conditions

The Customer acknowledges awareness of these General Terms and Conditions of Business upon validating his/her Order and declares expressly his/her acceptance thereof without reservation.
These General Terms and Conditions of Business are applicable as stated in writing on the Site on the day of the Order. They could, however, be subject to change.
The Customer is perfectly informed that his/her acceptance of the general terms and conditions of business does not require from him/her a handwritten signature.
In accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 to 1316-4 of the Civil Code, complemented by Decree n° 2001-272 of 30th March 2001, in view of the application of article 1316-4 of the Civil Code, relating to the electronic signature, it must be remembered that validation of the Order form constitutes an electronic signature. The latter has the same value as a handwritten signature, between the two parties concerned.
The Customer can save or edit these General Terms and Conditions and must be aware that he/she alone is entirely responsible for either the saving or editing thereof.
Upon validation of his/her Order, the Customer also acknowledges the terms of the said Order.

Article 2, conditions of product usage

The SAS dp studio is the owner of a method for making women’s clothing, created by its chairman, Mr. Dominique PELLEN.
On these grounds, this method, as well as all the original Products resulting from it, is protected by copyright (in France: the code of intellectual property, and abroad, the international agreements on copyright).
Infringement of these provisions exposes the author, and when appropriate, also the co-authors of the infringement, to criminal and civil penalties applicable by law.
When buying and using Products from the boutique, Customers are legally bound to respect intellectual property regulations and also more particularly the following conditions of product usage, bearing in mind that the list below is by no means exhaustive:
Products must be used in an exclusive manner, for individual usage (only one Customer, only one Company).
Do not copy, sell, give away, pass onto, exchange in whatever manner possible (in electronic, paper or other… formats) on whatever grounds or in whatever process, the entirety of a Product or one part thereof, even in a non-commercial framework.
Printing of all types is allowed on the strict condition that the printed copies are subject to an exclusively personal usage (only one Customer, only one Company), which notably excludes all reproduction for commercial gains or the distribution of copies, whether the latter are distributed free of charge or not.
Do not reproduce or re-use the contents of the Products in order to propose or re-diffuse them in whatever form outside the strict legal framework of private copy, and notably, although the following is by no means exhaustive, on blogs, contributing web sites, etc…
All public usage of the method and the content of the Products, all reproduction, representation, adaptation and/or exploitation in whatever manner and in whatever form is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the SAS dp studio (training, conferences, etc…).
The Customer has the possibility to use any of the Products he/she has purchased in a professional manner, on the condition that this usage is exclusive to his/her company.
The SAS dp studio draws attention to the fact that all texts, illustrations and images reproduced online by the boutique are protected by copyright and classified as intellectual property.
Their usage is strictly limited to the SAS dp studio.
In accordance with the code relating to intellectual property, the only authorized domain of usage is private. All usage outside a strictly private framework constitutes an act of counterfeit and will be penalized according to the legal provisions in force.

Article 3, the products

All the products sold by the SAS dp studio are those featured on the Site on the day the latter is consulted by the Customer.
The photographs and illustrations do not belong to the contractual domain but if they were in any way erroneous, the SAS dp studio would not be held liable.
The SAS dp studio would not be held accountable for potential errors in the Product descriptions. Nonetheless, the utmost is done to give a maximum of details on each of its Products.
Products are proposed in the limit of available stock. When a Product is unavailable, the Customer will be rapidly informed by notification on the Site.
When an ordered product becomes unavailable, the Customer can cancel his/her Order and asked to be reimbursed within thirty days following the cancellation date or choose another product in exchange.
The SAS dp studio is in no way liable if and when stock runs out or certain Products become unavailable.
Downloading pdf files is limited to three copies per file. It is advisable that the Customer records these on his/her computer.

Article 4, prices

The prices of Products are indicated in Euros. They include VAT, at the rate applicable on the day of the Order. In the event of a change in VAT, this change will be automatically applied at the appropriate rate to all the boutique’s Products.
- 5.5% for books and technical files
- 20% for patterns and models
The indicated prices do not include shipping costs, which are added as a supplement when an Order is confirmed.
The SAS dp studio has the right, at any moment, to change prices but the Products will be invoiced using the tariffs in force at the exact moment the Order is placed. The Order is nonetheless subject to the availability of the said Products.
The tariffs in force are those indicated on the Site, except where errors of typography or omissions have occurred.
Book prices respect the LANG 81-766 law of August 1981 whereby prices are fixed by the editors and can at any moment be changed, without prior notice.
The Product offer presented by the online boutique is only valid in the limit of available stock.
The SAS dp studio’s online boutique presents and sells Products that respect the requirements outlined in Article L 111-1 of the Code of consumption, which allows the Customer the possibility to find out the vital characteristics of the Products he/she wishes to buy prior to making and confirming an Order.
The documents, texts and photos that can be viewed on the Site are non-contractual, subject as they may be to errors and omissions. The SAS dp studio may not be held accountable for errors featured on the Site.
The tariffs proposed by the Site may include discounts and rebates that the SAS dp studio will in certain cases grant, depending on the results of the company’s activity or on certain services the Customer has taken responsibility for.

Article 5, orders

Automatic recording systems of information are considered as adequate proof of the nature, content and date of an Order.
The SAS dp studio will confirm acceptance of a Customer’s Order by sending a message of confirmation to the email address the Customer has communicated, and will specify the availability or non-availability of Products purchased. The sale will only be made once the said confirmation of Order has been sent.
The SAS dp studio has the right to refuse or cancel the entire Order of a Customer, notably in the event of insolvency of the said customer or in the hypothesis of a defective payment of the Order in question or of a former delivery or of a dispute relating to the payment of a former Order.
The details indicated by the Customer during the keying-in of information relating to his/her Order are binding. The SAS dp studio may not be held accountable for errors committed by the Customer at the moment of entering his/her personal details relating to the Order, for delivery delays or for the impossibility of delivering ordered Products that these errors may engender.
The recorded Order will be handled within seven working days at the latest, starting from the day following the placement of the Order by the Customer.

Article 6, modes of payment

The price invoiced to the Customer is the price indicated on the Order confirmation sent by email to the Customer by the SAS dp studio.
Payment must be made immediately after reception of the Order confirmation in Order to validate the Order. The Customer guarantees that he/she has the required authorization to use the mode of payment chosen during validation of the Order.
The SAS dp studio proposes three modes of payment:
- Credit card (carte bleue, Visa, Mastercard, and so forth…)
Payment is made using the secured banking servers of our partner (Crédit Mutuel). This implies that no banking information concerning the Customer transits via our Site.
Payment by credit card is therefore perfectly secure. The Order will thus be recorded and validated as soon as acceptance has been given by the bank chosen by the Customer for payment.
- Paypal
With Paypal, the financial information of the Customer will never be communicated to the SAS dp studio. Indeed, Paypal encrypts and protects the Customer’s card number. The Customer pays online by simply indicating his/her electronic address and password.
- Bank transfer
The SAS dp studio has the right to refuse all Orders or deliveries in the event of an existing dispute with the Customer, total or partial non-payment of a former Order placed by the Customer, refused authorization of payment by credit card by the banking authorities and of non or partial payment.

Article 7, modes of delivery

Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on the Order form. The Customer is held responsible for checking the state of the packaging of the merchandise when the delivery arrives and for communicating damages to the transporter, as well as to the SAS dp studio, within forty eight hours. Products are delivered by Post or by a specific transport service for voluminous objects. 
For the French metropolitan:
by “eco letter”
by “Colissimo” (with delivery follow-up)
For Europe:
by ‘priority letter’
by parcel (with delivery follow-up)
by “Colissimo” (with delivery follow-up).
For overseas:
by “eco letter”
by “Colissimo” (with delivery follow-up)
Rest of the world:
by ‘priority letter’
by parcel (with delivery follow-up).
by “Colissimo” (with delivery follow-up).
The SAS dp studio may not be held accountable for significant delivery delays due to the postal service, nor for the loss of ordered Products or for postal strikes. It is specified that the Customer must take responsibility for transport risks. In the event of late delivery, it is the Customer’s responsibility to point out the delay to Customer Services at the SAS dp studio.
The Post Office proposes a reliable service. However, delays can happen and products can go missing. In the event of a delivery delay, highlighted by the send-off date, the Customer is required to call or email Customer Services to point out the delay. The SAS dp studio will then contact the Post Office in order to start an enquiry. A postal enquiry can take up to twenty one days starting from the day the enquiry was launched. If the Product is found within this period of time, it will be sent immediately to the Customer’s address. However, if the Product is not found within twenty one days, the Post Office considers the parcel lost. It is only at this moment that the SAS dp studio can send the Customer a replacement Product at SAS dp studio’s expense. If the Product or Products are no longer available at that moment, the SAS dp studio will reimburse the exact amount of the lost Product(s). The SAS dp studio may not be held accountable when transporters prolong delivery deadlines, notably in the event of lost Products or strikes. The exchange or reimbursement of Products will only be carried out once the postal service’s enquiry has ended.
All claims not carried out according to the above-stated regulations and within the specified deadlines will not be taken into account and will remove the entire responsibility of the SAS dp studio towards the Customer.
Upon reception of a claim, the SAS dp studio will study the demand of the Customer and communicate the Product exchange possibilities. In the event of delivery or exchange errors, all Products to be exchanged or reimbursed must be returned to the SAS dp studio by registered post, in perfect condition for resale and in the original packaging, to the following address:

Dp studio – 20 rue Clément Marot - 75008 PARIS.
To be accepted, all returns must first be communicated to the SAS dp studio. Return shipping costs, in the event of sending mistaken merchandise, are taken on by the SAS dp studio, except in the case where the returned Product does not correspond to the original declaration made by the Customer in his/her returns demand.
In any case, the SAS dp studio respects the legal guarantees in force.
In the event of an exchange, the Customer is responsible for paying the corresponding shipping costs. If the Customer exercises his/her right of withdrawal, the SAS dp studio will do its utmost to reimburse the Customer within thirty days.
In the case where a parcel is sent back to the SAS dp studio, a second delivery will be carried out at the expense of the Customer. If the parcel is once again sent back to the SAS dp studio, it will not be sent again and the amount of the ordered Product(s), as well as the extra shipping costs, will rightly belong to the SAS dp studio.
All Products that are not up to sample and that Customers wish to exchange or be reimbursed for, must be returned in their original packaging and as they were originally packed, accompanied by a copy of the invoice or delivery form, to Customer Services of the Site.
The SAS dp studio will then proceed to an exchange or reimbursement of the defective or missing Product(s).
The SAS dp studio delivers worldwide.

Article 8, satisfied or reimbursed

In application of article L 121-16 of the Code of Consumption, the Customer has a deadline of fourteen days starting from the day the delivery arrives to return the delivered product for exchange or reimbursement at his/her expense.
To obtain a credit note or reimbursement, the returned Products must be in perfect condition for resale and complete, including the original packaging. Books must be returned in their original packaging film. All damaged products, including damage to the original packaging, will be neither reimbursed nor exchanged. The right of withdrawal is exercised without penalties - only the return shipping costs are payable by the Customer. The credit note and potential reimbursement will be drawn up after inspection of the product, namely between three and five weeks after our returns service has received the Product.
Customer Services is at your disposal and can be contacted at:
- Email:
The right of withdrawal does not apply in the framework of directly downloadable numeric products from the Internet site, once the Customer has paid for the order and access to the pdf file has been provided.

Article 9, product guarantee

Products are guaranteed against all faults and hidden defects. The guarantee of the SAS dp studio on transportation can only be implemented on the condition that the Customer has made a written claim within forty eight hours, following reception of the merchandise. The guarantee of the vendor is restricted to the replacement or reimbursement of the same value as the merchandise recognized as defective by the vendor, taking into account, as the vendor is free to do, the usage that it has been submitted to. The vendor is only legally bound to ensure the replacement of defective articles supplied to the Customer by his own services. The SAS dp studio may not be held responsible for the inappropriate use or bad handling of the products ordered. The responsibility of the vendor, subject to legal provisions, is entirely restricted to the obligations defined in these terms and conditions.

Article 10, information systems and civil liberty

The gathering of nominative information in the framework of online sales is mandatory, this information being necessary for the management and delivery of Orders as well as for the drawing up of invoices. This information is strictly confidential. Its sole purpose is for the handling of an order and it is never revealed to a third party.
Inaccurate information leads to the automatic rejection of the order.
In accordance with law n°78-17 of 6th January 1978 relating to information systems, files and civil liberties, the handling of nominative information gathered on the Site is subject to a declaration made to the CNIL in France (under the following reference: 1769556 v 0). The Customer has the right to access, change, rectify and suppress data concerning him/her. To exercise this right, the Customer should address a registered letter as well as an email to the SAS dp studio:
- 20 rue Clément Marot - 75008 PARIS
The SAS dp studio has the right to use the statistics provided by the information forms completed by the Customer in the aim of optimizing the studio’s services.

Article 11, diverse stipulations

- Force majeure
No party will be responsible for the total or partial non-respect of his/her obligations as herein stated, if this non-respect is provoked by an event constituting force majeure.
Events considered as force majeure are those corresponding to the criteria fixed by jurisprudence of the 2nd civil chamber of the Crown Court.
The party undergoing an event constituting force majeure must warn the other party within ten working days following the occurrence or threat of this event.
The parties agree to consult each other as quickly as possible in order to determine together how the order should be managed during the period affected by force majeure.
Beyond one month’s interruption for a case of force majeure, the SAS dp studio may choose not to fulfill the order and in this case must reimburse the customer.

- Partial non-validity
If one or several stipulations of these general terms and conditions of business are considered non valid or declared as such under a law or regulation, or subsequent to the final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will maintain their force and influence.

- The whole contract
These general terms and conditions of business and the Order form sent to the Customer together form a contract and constitute the entire contractual basis of the relations between Parties.
In the event where these two documents contradict each other, the General Terms and Conditions of Business will take precedence.

- Applicable law – competent jurisdictions:

These General Terms and Conditions of Business and the contractual relations between the SAS dp studio and the Customer are legally binding under French law.
The SAS dp studio is not bound by special professional regulations.
The language of the present contract is the French language. An English version also exists on the Site but the French version alone is authentic.
It is thus for the content as well as for the form. In the event of a dispute or a claim, the Customer will first address the SAS dp studio in Order to try to obtain an agreement of consent. Subsequently, and in the event of an appeal, the Customer can file a complaint to the court of Paris.

- Responsibility

For all the different stages of access relating to the online boutique, namely the Order process, delivery process and services subsequent to those, the SAS dp studio is bound by a simple obligation of means. The SAS dp studio cannot be held accountable for the inconveniences or damages relative to the use of the Internet network, notably a breakdown of services, an exterior intrusion, the presence of a computer virus or for all events qualified as force majeure, in accordance with jurisprudence.
The SAS dp studio cannot be held accountable for the non-respect of regulatory and legislative provisions in force in the country of reception.
In the unlikely case where the SAS dp studio is held accountable, its responsibility will in any case be restricted to the corresponding amount of the Order placed.
The information allowing the Customer to identify him/herself, such as the ID number and password, is personal and confidential. This information can only be subject to change on the initiative of the Customer or the SAS dp studio, notably in the event of a forgotten password.
The Customer is alone responsible for the use of his/her ID elements and he/she is responsible for keeping them secret. The SAS dp studio can in no way be reproached for any disclosure of such elements on the Customer’s part.
All Orders requiring the Customer’s ID number and password must be carried out by the Customer him/herself. The SAS dp studio cannot be held responsible for the damages brought about by the disclosure of this personal and confidential data by the Customer and therefore the use of this data by a third party.
The SAS dp studio is not liable for damages of whatever nature, notably damage to reputation or image, or the loss of data, resulting from the use of services proposed by the SAS dp studio.

- Intellectual property

All the contents present on this site are protected by intellectual property. It is forbidden to diffuse the contents without prior authorization from their author.
All free and payable copies and types of diffusion (excluding certified retailers) are forbidden and punishable by Law.

- Legal capacity

The Customers declare they are of age and fully able to enter into a contract.

- Service access

The Site’s services are normally accessible to customers 24/7 all year round except in the case of a voluntary or involuntary interruption, notably for maintenance reasons or for force majeure. The SAS dp studio, by the nature of its activity, is bound by a simple obligation of means and cannot be held responsible for problems of any nature resulting from lack of availability of the Site.

- Subscription to the newsletter

Upon acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Business during the placement of an Order on the Site or subscribing to it, the Customer authorizes the SAS dp studio to send him/her emails to the address he/she will have given when subscribing or placing an order. Terminating a subscription is possible at any time via the link present in the newsletters.

- Deactivating a customer account

In the event of non-compliance with the obligations that result from acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Business, of payment incidents linked to the price of an Order, of erroneous information when an account is created or of any acts likely to harm the interests of the SAS dp studio, the Company has the right to suspend access to the services proposed on the Site or, depending on how serious these acts are, terminate the account of a member without the risk of damages.
The SAS dp studio also has the right to refuse to enter into a contract with a customer who has already been excluded or penalized for the aforementioned disturbances.

- Proof

The Customer recognizes the validity and legal evidence of the electronic exchanges and recordings conserved by the SAS dp studio and admits that such elements carry the same legal status as a handwritten signature in compliance with Law n°2000-230 of 13th March 2000 relating to the adaptation of legal evidence to the realm of information technology and the electronic signature. 

- Safeguard clause

If one or several stipulations of these General Terms and Conditions of Business were declared non valid in application of a law, regulation or final legal decision, the other stipulations would remain valid and binding.

- Transfer of rights and obligations

In the event of complete or partial suspension of activity of the SAS dp studio, the contracts linking the Customer and the SAS dp studio and/or successors and assignees remain binding. The contracts created by the SAS dp studio are not transferable by the Customer without prior consent in writing given by the SAS dp studio.
The contracts, rights and obligations of the SAS dp studio can be transferred without prior agreement from the customer.

- Publicity on the site

The SAS dp studio can freely insert publicity on its Site and has total freedom of choice as to the lay-out of this publicity and the advertisers chosen, as well as to the visuals of this publicity.

- Changes in the General Terms and Conditions of Business

The SAS dp studio has the right to change these General Terms and Conditions of Business.
If the new General Terms and Conditions of Business do not suit a customer, the latter can terminate his/her account in the tab “my account” on the Site.

Article 12, Dp Studio's confidentiality policy

Last update : May 2018
The present confidentiality policy concerns Dp Studio, the headquarters of which are located at 20, rue Clément Marot, 75008 Paris, France. In the present confidentiality policy, the terms « dp studio », « we », « our » and « ours » are used to designate the headquarters of the dp studio company (simplified joint-stock company) with its address as indicated above.
We invite you to read the following Policy which explains how we collect, use, disclose and transfer personal information that you supply to us on our Internet site or during our interactions with you on various social media platforms. This policy also explains how we collect information via the use of cookies and related technology when you use our platforms.
When we sell our products on line, we advise customers to be aware of the applicable Conditions of Sale that govern the terms and conditions of all purchases carried out in this way.

Updates of the present Confidentiality Policy
The present confidentiality policy can be updated at any time. In the event of an update, the related modifications will be published on this platform.

Information you provide us with and how we use it
We collect information about you in the following way :
To access certain zones of our Platform you need to register with our services. In the registration process, personal information will be asked of you relating to your name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone nummber. Keying in your personal data allows dp studio to supply you with the services you have requested ;
When you purchase products on line, we collect information concerning the purchase you have made and the related invoice. We also collect personal information about you when you communicate with us (if you, for example, contact us about one of our products or services) and provide us with your contact details during your visit to the dp studio online boutique. If you choose to interact with dp studio via a social media platform or other third-party service, we will collect the information that you have provided us with via the said platform ;
We also automatically collect certain information concerning visitors to our platform, outlined below in the section entitled « Cookies and other information we automatically collect ».
We collect information relating to your whereabouts when it is relevant to one of our services requiring your localisation, as defined below in the section entitled « localisation services ».

We will use the information collected from you to :
Manage and answer requests relating to after-sales services ;
Manage accounts and ledgers ;
Answer your questions and requests ;
Send information linked to the service supplied, including annoucements and administrative messages to confirm orders, for example ;
Identify the products and services we think might interest you, using the information we received when you made your purchase and during all previous interactions with us ;
Send you marketing releases (including emails and social media posts) concerning us and also third-party partners that we think might interest you, when we have a legitimate reason for foing so (please consult the section « Your Choices » below to obtain further information on how to control what we send to you) ;
Carry out market surveys with a view to improving the services we supply to our customers ;
Carry out solvency checks, and prevent fraudulent acts and other forbidden or illegal practices with a view to maintaining the security of our platform ;
Understand how our platform is used in order to constantly improve the services it provides.
When you consent to provide your information, we process it on the basis of your consentment. You can withdraw your consent at any time (for example, in relation to the marketing releases we mail to you) by contacting us (see the section « Contacting Us » below). We also process your information when drawing up a contract with you or when it is necessary in the legitimate interest of our company’s protection and efficient running.

Cookies and other information we automatically collect
Like most platforms, dp studio records IP addresses and uses cookies and other similar technologies that allow us to recognize you and personalise your experience, while also supplying us with information as to the way in which visitors access our platform. You will find further information below about our use of cookies and related technologies.

What is a cookie ?
Cookies are text files containing snippets of information that are downloaded on your computer or mobile device when you visit an Internet site. They are used to recognize your computer when you move through the different pages of an Internet site or when you go back to an Internet site previously visited. Cookies are widely used in the running of work platforms to improve how they run and also to supply information to the platform owners.
We use cookies to improve the online experience of our visitors (for example, to remember their language and/or product préférences) and also to enhance our understanding of how our platform is used. Cookies can, for example, tell us if you have already visited our platform or if you are a new visitor. They can also help us to make sure that the adverts you see on line are relevant and focused on your interests.

There are two distinct categories of cookies :
Cookies developed on an internal level (first-party cookies) that dp studio uses directly on your computer or mobile device. They are used by dp studio to recognize your computer or mobile device when you come back to our plaform and that is their sole purpose.
Third-party related cookies that a third-party service supplier uses on our platform in order to recognize your computer or mobile device when you visit other platforms. Third-party cookies are generally used for advertising or analytical purposes.
Cookies can stay on your computer or mobile device for a varying amount of time. Dp studio uses both « session cookies » that are temporary and « persistent cookies ». The session cookies stay for the amount of time your web browser is open and are suppressed when you close your browser. Persistent cookies survive after the closing of your browser and can be used to recognize you computer or mobile device when you open your web browser again and surf on the Internet.
Which cookies are used by dp studio ?
Our platform only uses the following cookie types on your computer or mobile device :

Cookie type  -  Purpose
Cookies necessary for essential purposes :
These cookies are vital for guaranteeing our services to you on this plaform and for guaranteeing the use of some of its finctions, such as access to secured zones. Without these cookies, certain services requested by you, such as the transaction pages and secured login accounts, would not be possible.

Feature cookies
The purpose of these cookies is linked to the presentation, performance and features of this platform. Their general aim is to improve the visitor’s experience and appreciation of the platform. For example, some of these cookies allow visitors to specify their choice of language, product or other platform preferences.

Performance cookies
These cookies are used to collect information about the manner in which visitors use our platform.
The collected information does not identify the individual visitor and is aggregated. It contains the number of visitors to our platform, the platforms that have led the said visitors to our platform and the pages they have consulted on our platform. We use this information to help us manage our platform more efficiently, to gather information pertaining to general demographics and to follow our platform’s level of activity.

Advertiser cookies
When you visit our platform or click on adverts or promotions on the platform, these cookies are used to provide you with relevant adverts that focus on your areas of interest. They are also used to limit the number of times you consult an advert and help you assess the usefulness of the advert and other promotions. They are generally placed by advertising networks with our autorisation. They remember your visit to a platform and this information is shared with other organisations, often advertisers.

Social networking cookies
These cookies allow users to share the content of pages via third-party social networks and other platforms. Companies that use these cookies can also use your information for targeted advertising purposes on other platforms.
On, you can decide to accept or not our cookies. If you do not accept the use of these cookies, click here.

IP Addresses
The information we collect on your computer or mobile device includes, when available, your IP address, operating system, login times and type of login. We use this information to enhance our understanding of how visitors use our platform for first-party report purposes. We make this information anonymous before sharing it with advertisers, promoters and other companies.

About advertising
Platforms use third parties, such as network advertisers, to supply you with adverts about third-party platforms once you have left our Platform ; we use third-party suppliers of analytical services in order to assess and supply us and others (third parties) with information pertaining to the use of platforms, as well as to the visualisation of adverts and of our content. Network advertisers are third parties that choose adverts on the basis of your visit to platforms and sites, and your use of other applications. Third-party advert broadcasters allow us to target adverts for you and also products and services that might interest you.
We do not control third-party tracking technologies, even though they are associated with our platforms or our adverts. Declarations relating to our practices do not apply to information collection methods used by thèse thrid parties or other entities concerning the use of information that the said third parties or other entities collect. The general terms and conditions of use, confidentiality policy, autorisation, relevant third-party opinions and choices must be made with regards to their data collection, storage and sharing practices. We make no declarations relating to third-party advertisers or to any associated third parties.
You have a choice concerning the advertising supply. You can choose not to receive certain types of adverts when visiting third party Internet sites, as defined in the section entitled « How to control or suppress cookies ». We are not responsible for the efficiency of or the compliance with disengagement options of any third party entity.

Localisation services
Certain services that we provide use information relative to your whereabouts. For such services, which are generally available on computer terminals, you have the possibility to give your consent regarding the use of localisation services, which process information coming from Satnav, Wi-Fi access points, captors and other sources, and bring you a more personalised service. Your device will be equipped with paramenters allowing you to deactivate these services if you no longer wish to benefit from them.

Sharing your information
We neither rent, sell or share your personal information to/with other non-affiliated people or companies, except in the following circumstances :
We will disclose your personal information to third party suppliers that provide online services, including payment services, credit checks and fraud prevention, and any other service required to allow us to use your information for precise purposes as defined in the section entitled « Information you provide us with and how we use it » ;
We will disclose your personal information to organisations bound to apply the law, régulations authorities, governmental authorities and other third parties when we are bound by law or regulation to do so, or to protect our rights or the rights of a third party ;
We will disclose your personal information to any third party acquiring the totality or quasi totality of our activities, or to whom we are transfering them. If such an acquisition or transfer takes place, we will do everything possible to ensure that the entity to whom we transfer your personal data uses it in a manner that complies with the present confidentiality Policy.

International transfers
When we share your information with a third-party service provider outside the European and Swiss economic perimeter (as defined in the section entitled « Sharing your Information »), we contractually oblige the third-party service provider to implement adequate security measures to protect your information.

Protecting your Information
We want our Platform to be used in total confidence and security, and are committed to protecting the personal information we collect. Access to your personal information is limited to employees who need access to it to fulfil their professional role, namely provide you with the products and services you have requested. We are equipped with protective measures of a physical, electronic, procedural, technical and organisational nature to protect your personal information from unauthorised or illegal processing and also against loss, destruction, damage and accidental destruction. Neverhteless, when we ask you to choose a password to access certain parts of our platform, it is your responsibility to choose a secure password and keep it confidential. Do not choose a password that you already use for another site and do not share it with anyone.

Conserving your information
We conserve your information for the length of time necessary to carry out the service you have requested and to protect ourselves in the event of litigation linked to this service (for example, the information relating to a contract with you will be conserved for the entire length of that contract and up to a further ten years after the contract ends). Subsequent to that, the information is suppressed or made anonymous. We ask for your consent before processing your personal information because there are legal grounds binding us to do so. If you subsequently withdraw your consent, we will suppress your personal information as legally we will no longer have the right to keep it.
If you ask us to stop sending direct marketing communications, we will keep a record of your request and contact details to make sure your request is respected.

Your choices
You have the right to request access to the personal information we have about you in our files, correct any mistakes and update obsolete information. In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask for certain pieces of information to be suppressed or for us to restrict their use.
You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal information in certain cases. You can ask us to stop sending you direct marketing communications at any time (please note that we can still continue to send you non-commercial communications linked to our services, such as updates by email about your orders). If you want to exercise one of these rights, please write to us at the address indicated below.
You can unsubscribe to the marketing emails at any time by sending an email to the address indicated below in the secion « Contacting us » or by clicking on the link « unsubscribe » in dp studio’s marketing emails.
If you have any doubts about the way we use your information, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address or phone number indicated below and we will do everything possible to resolve the problem. After having assessed your complaint, we will send you a written answer within a reasonably short period of time to explain what corrective measures we intend to make. If you believe that we have processed your personal information illegally or in a way contrary to your rights, you also have the right to send your complaint to the nearest European Data Protection Authority to your home or workplace, or to where the processing took place.

Contacting Us
If you have questions or comments pertaining to the present Confidentiality Policy, or questions pertaining to confidentiality in general, please contact us at the address indicated below. You may also use this address to request access to personal information that is in our possession about you or to unsubscribe to the marketing emails.
If you have any questions about the present Confidentiality Policy or about the way in which your information may be processed, please contact us on :
Tel : 0033 1 40 75 00 09
Email :

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