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Medicis collar

2,00 €

The contents of this technical file will help you understand and implement the making of a Medicis collar via detailed sketches and step-by-step precise instructions for a quality result in a top-of-the-range spirit and in the size chosen by you at the onset. This collar is made using the flared and raised collar base pattern (constructed in technical file FT0068L1T1) as your starting point. By following the instructions carefully, you will obtain a collar sewn to the garment body in which is slightly raised, flares more or less around the neck and rolls to varying degrees depending on how fitted the collar is made. Other transformations can be envisaged using this base. The technical file of the classical blouse base pattern
For example, this file can be used with the following:
The technical file of the blouse sleeve base pattern
The technical file of the simplified blouse sleeve.

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