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Separate raised collar with an open neckline

3,00 €

This technical file will help you understand and implement the making of a separate raised collar with an open neckline successfully for a top-of-the-range result. The easy-to-follow working process is precisely described and illustrated by clear instructions and detailed sketches characteristic of the dp studio method. Learn here how to make your own collar starting from the bodice base pattern (or any other base). This particular collar will be added and sewn to the garment body, and will extend upwards on the neck (its final height will depend on the development carried out during the transformation and also on the style aimed at).
You can make your model evolve, without modifying or changing the size you chose at the onset of the process, by working with the following files to complete this outline:
The technical file of the bodice base pattern
The technical file of the short sleeve base pattern.

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