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Five piece bodice

3,00 €

Make a five-piece bodice base pattern, following the instructions and sketches of this technical file, compiled with meticulous attention to detail by the dp studio method. The five-piece bodice (per half garment) fits the body very closely and so is given no ease value.
This construction method can be useful to know about when the dummy you work with needs to be stuffed (with kapok) to adapt it better to the proportions of the body of the wearer you are making for.
In this technical file, each step is explained in detail to give you a full understanding of the model. Sketches accompany the instructions to guide you further in the making of the bodice. Whatever size you decide on, this tool will allow you to make top-of-the-range pieces without too much difficulty.
This base can also be used for making other clothes, for example dresses, bustiers…
To make other models from this base, you can also use:
The technical file of the short sleeve base pattern.

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