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Classical blouse from the bodice base

Size : From 8 to 20
34,00 €

To make a classical blouse, we propose this pattern, in the size of your choice, from size 8 to 20 (UK sizes), which you can use directly or as a base for making other models. The seam allowances are not indicated on this outline to facilitate the transformation process. Only the front and back are supplied, leaving you free to define your own way of finishing the model with the pieces of your choice (collar type, sleeve type…) once the base has been made.
The volume of this model is comfortable without being too full and an added buttoning tab is created on center front.
The dp studio’s approach is steeped in the precision and quality of the top-of-the-range tradition as this pattern will confirm.
If you use this pattern as it is without transformation, you can add:
The blouse sleeve base pattern
The blouse collars pattern (with collar stand, closed, open, Peter Pan, roll, Bertha, flared and raised, Medicis, sailor).

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