Bicycle sales

THE NAME is an online store, the main specialization of which is the sale of bicycles. The assortment offered by our bike shop is distinguished by its thoughtfulness and diversity and allows you to fully satisfy the needs of modern Russian buyers: you can buy a bicycle for any purpose, including children's and women's bicycles, as well as buy a folding bicycle - a unique solution for storing and transporting a vehicle.

In addition to the sale of bicycle equipment, we offer our customers such a sought-after service as professional bicycle repair: the qualification of specialists, the availability of special tools and equipment, solid work experience - a guarantee of a quick solution to any problems with bicycle equipment.

We offer only the best products from leading manufacturers.

SCOTT bikes TREK bikes AUTHOR bikes STELS bikes STARK bikes

The NAME range will allow you to buy a women's bike, a children's bike, a bike for performing tricks, a sports or tourist bike, ideally adapted for the specific purposes of a particular buyer.

The bike center NAME is a real bike shop for the whole family. .

Which bike should I buy?

To buy SCOTT means to buy the products of the world leader in the cycling industry: Scott bicycles are known as the product of high technological achievements, which have largely determined the appearance of modern cycling equipment and have become an example for many manufacturers around the world to follow.

To buy TREK means to get closer to the American style: TREK bicycles, high-quality TREK accessories and stylish TREK cycling clothes are the choice of riders in more than sixty countries around the world.

To buy AUTHOR means to buy European quality at the most affordable price: Czech author bicycles are known on the world market as equipment characterized by reliability and durability, breadth of model range and liberal prices in comparison with more popular European brands.

To buy STELS means to become the owner of equipment initially focused on operation in Russia. An interested buyer can also buy a STELS scooter - we offer our customers the entire model range of a domestic manufacturer.

Stores of the NAME system. The online store NAME is a modern business tool that meets the needs of today. Visitors are offered an illustrated catalog of bicycle equipment, which contains photos of bicycles and full descriptions of the technical characteristics of each model, which allows a potential cyclist to make an informed choice. Find casinos that accept Mastercard and enjoy the convenience of using one of the most widely recognized payment methods worldwide, allowing for seamless deposits and withdrawals.

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