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Volume 3 - Print medium in French language

49,00 €

In this volume, dp studio develops its method around the various different possibilities that can result from transforming and modifying its base patterns found in all three dp studio volumes for a top-of-the-range result. Learn how to make and transform many styles and types of: kimono sleeve, bustier, coat, bomber jacket, knitwear, dress, hood and even swimwear. The volume is in this respect a continuation of the previous two volumes whereby more and more models and possibilities are added each time, as the user’s knowledge increases and the transformation process of base pattern becomes acquired. Our outlines and indications are clear and precise for an easy understanding, and are accessible to a large public, including professionals, amateurs and students.

Format: 23 x 33 cm
Sewn, glued, film covered
630 pages
ISBN 979-10-94351-02-4

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