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Dp studio is delighted to share its brand new « dp’s » collection with you.
 |  19/06/2018

Dp studio is delighted to share its brand new « dp’s » collection with you.

« dp’s » is a line of sewing patterns specially designed for beginners or people who have not yet fully mastered sewing.

Like in our more top-of-the-range « dp studio » line, we place importance on originality but in this new line the trickier technical elements that can put off beginners, for example buttoning tabs, piping, lining, collar assembly and so forth, have been avoided.

We have also put forward fabrics that are easier to work with for this new line to allow beginners to get a taste for the exciting activity of sewing and making clothes.

Each season will bring you a new dp’s collection focusing on the trends of the moment as seen on the catwalk, magazine pages and social network. You will be able to make every garment of the women’s wardrobe as the seasons go by.

For this new « special beginners » dp’s line, we have also developed more sizes. They are now available from size 6 to 20 (UK sizes).

We wanted to be as fair as possible in our pricing of this new collection and so have given all patterns the same price of 9.90 euros. All the necessary instructions for making these patterns are found on the pattern itself, facilitating your task considerably. You can also visit our site to download them in pdf format and therefore print them as many times as you like.

As for our « dp studio » line, the dp’s collection is available in French, English and German.

We look forward to reading your comments about our new collections.