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 |  07/05/2019


Theme of the 4th competition dp studio :


« Appearance & Misalignment »

Through this competition, we are offering you this year to reinvent one of our pants models, giving free rein to your imagination in order to reinterpret it according to your desires. Thus, all the techniques are to be used according to your wishes: model making (recreating shapes, volumes) - style (making it another garment) - textiles (paintings, graffiti, fabrics) - accessories (embroideries, braids, haberdasheries).

These are the pleated loose-fitting pants, 301 (visual of the technical drawing below). The volume of these pants is easy to work with, so you can be as creative as you can be! With this pant shape, you have many possibilities in the choice of raw materials: fluid, soft, dense or heavy fabrics.

Essential indication: NO creative limits!


To participate, this document must be returned with your file, after having completed and signed it.

This competition is open to all adults, without any restrictions.


1st phase: Preparation of the file :

Each file must contain 3 pages in A4 format maximum, i.e. 21 x 29.7 cm:

- 1st the chosen atmosphere (moonboard)

- 2nd with colours and material samples

- 3rd representing the creation (while respecting the basic structure of the sketch)



Technical drawing of the sewing pattern in size 38 from which to develop the creations. It is your boss' starting point.


Sending the file :

Each file must be accompanied by this "Competition Rules" document, signed and marked "read and approved".

The whole package should be sent, preferably by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to avoid any risk of loss, before 7 June 2019, to the following address:

dp studio

22 rue de l'échiquier - 75010 Paris

2nd phase :

Four finalists will be selected from the files of the 1st phase.

Following this, these finalists will receive by mail the dp studio couture pattern, in size 38, in order to make their model in fabric.

The model then created must be photographed, carried, front and back, on a person.

The visuals must be sent, before June 17, 2019, by email to the following address:

The photos of the 4 finalist models will be posted on the dp studio website and social networks.

The winner will be chosen by a maximum of "likes" obtained by Internet users before 23 August 2019.


Competition calendar :

  1.           Applications must be sent by post before 07 June 2019.
  2.          Jury deliberations to determine the finalists and their publications on the dp studio website on June 17, 2019.
  3.          Submission of photos of the garment made on August 23, 2019.
  4.          Winner announced on September 2, 2019.


Selection :

The only selection criteria selected will be creativity, quality of execution and feasibility of the model. Organized by dp studio, the selections, chaired by Dominique Pellen, will be made by a jury composed of fashion professionals.

The jury is sovereign to control the conduct of the competition, to decide as a last resort any disputed case, to take a decision imposed by exceptional circumstances, to modify any phase of the competition, to exclude or catch up with a competitor.

The President has a casting vote in the event of a tie between two candidates.

The decisions of the jury are final and will remain at the discretion of the jury.

If necessary, the President may call upon a bailiff.


Prize :

Two prizes will be awarded:

- The first one will receive the complete set of the dp studio method

- The second will receive a set of 5 patterns to choose from the dp studio collections


In agreement with the winner, dp studio reserves the right to design the pattern of the winning model, in order to offer it for sale. A contract will then be signed between the two parties, in order to define the amount of royalties, paid to the winner.


Exclusion :

The drawings will be eliminated from participation in the competition:

- Not in accordance with the "specifications".

- Whose information sheet is missing or incorrect

- Presenting a contentious aspect

- Received after the closing date of 07 June 2019, as evidenced by the postmark.


The proposed creation must be a unique work, created by the participant.

Any copy, total or partial, would automatically be eliminated from the contest.

Each participant undertakes to personally produce his or her file and final model, in the event of selection


Protection of works :

No protection of the work may be claimed by the participant.

By express agreement and unless otherwise agreed, the winning or non-awarded projects will be transferred free of charge to the company dp studio organizing the competition, which itself undertakes not to make any commercial or other use of them, except with the winner if the latter accepts the principle.


To be completed legibly, date, sign and attach to the file:

In the event of modification, suspension or interruption, for any reason whatsoever of the competition, the organisers and members of the jury cannot be held liable.

Name :                                                        First name :                                         Age :

Personal Address :

Email Address :

Mobile phone :

Date :

Hand written note : « read and approved »

Signature :