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  • On the theme of "Allure et Désallure", dp studio has launched its 4th major annual competition, to test your imagination and creativity!
  • Through this competition, we are offering you this year to reinvent one of our pants models, giving free rein to your imagination in order to reinterpret it according to your desires. Thus, all the techniques are to be used according to your wishes: model making (recreating shapes, volumes) - style
  • The pattern pages
    The pattern pages
  • Dp studio is delighted to share its brand new « dp’s » collection with you. « dp’s » is a line of sewing patterns specially designed for beginners or people who have ...
  • Beim Stöbern im lille-Shop sind Euch vielleicht bereits die neuen Schnittmuster von Dp studio aufgefallen, die wir seit Anfang des Monats deutschlandweit vertreiben.
  • For this 3rd edition, dp studio want to celebrate the sport. To mix style and sport, you will have the pleasure to create, to twist, to transform our famous sweat Le 001. At your pencils, your scissors, your paintbrush… Inscription to resend before the 2018 June 30th.
  • ich fang mit dem letzten Outfit vom gestrigen Shootingtag an ... da es von mir die wenigsten Fotos gibt, war ich mit der Durchsicht hier auch am schnellsten ;) es war heiß, es war ein Spaß und es war viel ... Schnitte: Dp studio, Stoffe: Scuba: Die Stoffschwester...
  • Dp Studio is delighted to announce the release of its first flat pattern-making method in Spanish. Subsequent to its success in French, our method is being translated into other languages and you will find the English version in PDF form on our site
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